What do you do with PATERNITY LEAVE?

Last time my wife and I had a child I was unemployed in the most spectacular way. I worked at a startup in San Francisco that was later bought by a bigger start up. Everyone knew it was coming, well everyone EXCEPT FOR ME, and instead of just telling me that I would be quickly unemployed they let me off early. I was devastated, as anyone would be, but I got my wits together and started working on SIDE PROJECTs.

Anyone who knows me knows that I adore side projects. I think they are the bone marrow of a good life. Life being the bone, good being the marrow.

We all have our professions and stuff and we all do our best to make cool and great and genuine things and in-turn… sometimes… a living. But what is really unique about us all are the things we toy with, the things we make for no one but ourselves. The marrow of life.

Here I am going to try and list out some things that I can make, learn, or play with my two year old during my leave:

  • (Finish) designing and writing children's book
  • Get really good at making _Sand Castles_
  • Get him riding a bike or skateboarding on his own
  • _Guitar or Music Lessons_ for both of us
  • Build a _Smoker_
  • Garden local neighborhood boxes
  • Make more wine labels for [Marshak Wine Co.](https://marshakwinecompany.com/)
  • Write more on this blog
  • Work on [postcard site](http://www.futurepost.cards)
  • Get _for realz_ good at Madden
  • Sketch more toys and print large scale for the kids room
  • Make top-down final fantasy like game about skateboarding
  • Go skateboard twice a week
  • Get momma bear a big bike with a barrel in front
  • Beat Spider-Man, Red Dead 2, and Mega Man 11
  • Watch [Minding the Gap](https://www.mindingthegapfilm.com/) and lots of other documentaries (tweet @ me suggestions)

So there you have it. I’ll highlight a few for thought:

Children’s Book

I already started on this a few years back when my first son was on his way. It’s a strange book about a robot on a journey through a lot of triangles. Here’s a sneaky peak.

Kid's Book Image

There’s no words yet. So far just a bunch of bizarre illustrations that don’t have much to do with each other, other than the Wall-E like robot walking among them.

Sand Castles

We started building sand castles as tradition in Florida on a vacation my wife’s family takes with other families every couple of years. It’s on the gulf, near Palm Beach and the sand there is super dense. Great for castle making. The sand here in Venice is not, but it’s really close and something we can practice on for our next trip to the gulf.

Me and Erin making a sand castle November of 2017

Building a Smoker

I’ve been doing a lot of smoking on my 24’ Webber. It’s the perfect tool and the perfect grill but… I’d like to have a small smoke house to do 1 to 2 day long curing in. Think BACON. It’s been smoked and cured before you buy it at the store. I’d also like to do more flaky fish (whole). Salmon collars is something my household has become pretty acustomed too.

Salmon Collars on the grill 2018

Sketch more toys and print large scale for the kids room

When I was leaning how to use a new software called Sketch for UI/UX stuff I took too drawing real world objects. Those objects were often things that were in front of me. I took a peaceful liking to the activity and hope that I can revisit it with my downtime. Here’s an example, my sons toy train.

Quiller Toy Train Sketch

Go skateboard twice a week

I used to be good at skating. Now I just suck and I feel broken when I try. Gonna fix that (an teach my kid how to skate).