Thesis - Showdown

dotted line Some final feels before the big show

Thesis - Emission as an Opportunity for Clean Energy Investment

dotted line Still looking for a perfect opportunity

Thesis - The Great Equalizer

dotted line whatever that means...?
Thesis - Prototyping with Etsy in Mind

Thesis - Prototyping with Etsy in Mind

dotted line Thinking through a looking glass

Thesis Roadmap

dotted line Goals and whatnot

Thesis - Finding a Common Enemy

dotted line Defining problems is a passion thing

Thesis - Climate Guilt?

dotted line Who's to say we're the culprit?

Thesis Alternatives — 5 E's

dotted line A technique borrowed from Conifer Research

Thesis - Feytag's Triangle

dotted line Utilizing an old story technique to define product design requirements

Thesis Evaluation

dotted line Where's this going?

Thesis — Fresh Thinking

dotted line Turning. Around.

Early Thesis Prototype

dotted line Build and see, something will work

Thesis - Beer as Process

dotted line Making and observing brewing beer

Crazy Thesis Pieces

dotted line Going down the rabbit hole

Thesis Pieces

dotted line There's nowhere to go but up from here

Interaction Design Philosophy v1

dotted line Where I think design lives