Forgetting Time

dotted line What a 2 year old has taught me about time.

Do I Draw?

dotted line Fun ideas and projects for me during leave from work

An Imperfect Spiral

dotted line Dissecting an app we built at NFL Media

Indy Game Marketing

dotted line Why do indie games have better sites?

Writing 2018

dotted line Where did 2017 go?

What’s Half of U.S.?

dotted line

I’m a Golden State Warriors fan.

dotted line I’m on the bandwagon.

A letter to you, my boy

dotted line

Profile (Summary) Is Not King

dotted line

A love letter to my next boss

dotted line

Staying Gold in the Valley of Shadows

dotted line

Thesis - Showdown

dotted line Some final feels before the big show

Thesis - Emission as an Opportunity for Clean Energy Investment

dotted line Still looking for a perfect opportunity

An Old Friend

dotted line Talking to an old friend

Thesis - The Great Equalizer

dotted line whatever that means...?

Thesis - Prototyping with Etsy in Mind

dotted line Thinking through a looking glass

Thesis Roadmap

dotted line Goals and whatnot

Thesis - Finding a Common Enemy

dotted line Defining problems is a passion thing

Thesis - Climate Guilt?

dotted line Who's to say we're the culprit?

Thesis Alternatives — 5 E's

dotted line A technique borrowed from Conifer Research

Thesis - Feytag's Triangle

dotted line Utilizing an old story technique to define product design requirements

Thesis Evaluation

dotted line Where's this going?

Thesis — Fresh Thinking

dotted line Turning. Around.

Early Thesis Prototype

dotted line Build and see, something will work

Getting Out!

dotted line The Great Escape from BROOKLYN 2013

Human Touch in Interaction Design

dotted line A look at Space Team, Foldify, and D-Red

Pen Mom's Article in Good Magazine

dotted line Why We're Designing a Digital Support Network for Single Moms

Thesis - Beer as Process

dotted line Making and observing brewing beer

Crazy Thesis Pieces

dotted line Going down the rabbit hole

Thesis Pieces

dotted line There's nowhere to go but up from here

The End of Entrepreneurial Design and I Still Can’t Spell Entrepenuerial

dotted line It's intentionally spelled incorrectly there at the end

Interaction Design Philosophy v1

dotted line Where I think design lives

Deja Vu Launch

dotted line Launching Deja Vu By You on April Fools day!

Parking in Brooklyn Part 2

dotted line the ugly truth

Parking in Brooklyn Part 1

dotted line Didn't think it could be this bad

Flipbooks, Zoetropes, and Memories

dotted line Do we still value designed artifacts?

Are we ready to give more than a status update?

dotted line Social memory banks

Ray Bradbury Quote

dotted line

Margaret Mead Quote

dotted line

Left Eye Quote

dotted line

George Bernard Shaw Quote

dotted line

Zoo Keepers Manifesto

dotted line

Alden Nowlan Quote

dotted line

Maurice Sendak Quote

dotted line


dotted line Poem about Oklahoma

Deja Vu by You

dotted line Here goes nothing!!

Some of the better stuff

Indy Game Marketing

Why do indie games have better sites?

A letter to you, my boy

A love letter to my next boss

Staying Gold in the Valley of Shadows

Thesis - Prototyping with Etsy in Mind

Thesis - Prototyping with Etsy in Mind

Thinking through a looking glass

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