I’m facing three transitions. The first and second are related and the third is really from my own stupidity.

1. )

Work. The person I worked for and respected the most out of pretty much every boss I have ever had left the company recently. She transitioned lately while I have been on leave (I’ll cover that in #3). This has left me and some of the rest of the team of nearly thirty somewhat dumbfounded. In strange, North By Northwest kind of way, we’ve temporarily crashed landed with our old directors supervisor. Whom indirectly told us they don’t have enough time to support our team.

And here we are in limbo, I guess I shouldn’t call it a transition when that’s really what it is: limbo.

Now we’re being told that we are going to get a new leader. Even less or us have confidence in this, and in showing most everyone has put their head in the sand and productivity is null. Our global team is pushing on with regular status-quo updates. Any kind of innovation, or even creative brainstorming, is on hold or maybe being kept close to heart— as if we’re all the equivalent of yet another single lost in the magic eight ball of online dating sites for Valentines Day.

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Looking for work. As you may have sequestered from the above: I’m now actively looking for work too. It’s not hard to comprehend why I would do that. There’s been some massive layoffs in my industry of late and the company I work for is expected to do the same. And they’re expected to do so before the end of the fiscal year, which for them, happens to be this week.

I feels like I’ve been looking for work too much over the last few years. I have had eight positions (counting contract, freelance, and fellowships) since starting graduate school in 2012. That’s eight different jobs in 7 years. And it’s not that I haven’t wanted to stay places. Some were startups that didn’t fair and fellowships and contracts have definitive ends. When I finally landed where I am now I thought I would be here for a long time. Especially considering my boss. Now I am desperately hoping my next stop is a long haul. For my sanity.

3. )

I hurt myself really bad. I grew up skateboarding, and as it’s helped me fair pretty well later in life, it’s inhibited me in ways that I didn’t understand until just now. I broke my ankle skating in January at the local skate park. Skating is something I did twice a week to stay in shape. And for a long time it’s been a nice escape. Now that’s it’s taken away my ability to walk and drive, I’m not feeling so keen on it. For the time being.

On top of that our family welcomed our second son just three months prior to my debilitating injury. The combination of being stuck in a chair with my leg up and the inability to be active and helpful with my boys is, well, down right depressing.

This broken ankle transition is one though that I can control. The physicality of it makes it mine and mine only whereas the other two are transitions I have to accept and move along with. I’m doing my best to see the glass half full and some days or better than others. I do know there’s a new moon, there’s a new joyous being in our family (his name is Rider), and there’s all this movement… and since I can’t get my kicks on my skateboard anytime soon, I’ll have to just ride this one out instead.