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What is Content Strategy

What is Content?

Stories building on stories. Influence through what a lifestyle looks like. Turning products and services into associations that resonate and are something people want to flaunt.

How do we do that?

There’s layers to this work. First is identifying your audience, user, champion; whatever you prefer to call it. Working to engage them on what they’re doing, where they’re hanging out, and what types of outputs, creations, or artifacts persist throughout their ecosystem.

Map that ecosystem, sit at the fire with the tribe and listen to their stories.

How does this become a strategy?

Creation of a plan. Curation of a community. Nurturing of a system of nodes, independent, yet connected through a shared experience.

Experience design, interaction design, and human factors research all apply heavily because they’re the best tools we have to administer these types of organic fellowships that help us identify more fully with our work.